Handling Invalid, Erroneous or Duplicate Entries

With any community driven database we will eventually create entries into the database which are wrong and need to be removed.

A invalid, erroneous or duplicate entry can be identified due to:

  • being obvious spam
  • being a duplicate of another entry in the database
  • containing a typo in its name

This page will explain how to handle such entries

I Made the Invalid Entry

If you created the invalid entry by accident you may be able to salvage the entry by simply renaming it to either:

  • the correct spelling (in the case of a typo where the correct spelling does not exist)
  • something else that can be used at a later date by someone else

DO NOT repurpose an invalid entry created by another community member.

I Think This is Spam

If you come across an entry (or entries) that look like obvious spam, click on the support icon on the bottom right-hand of the screen (cookies must be enabled and accepted) and raise the issue with staff directly.

You may also create a forum post to bring attention to the rest of the community that you have identified the issue.

Someone Else Has Made an Invalid Entry

Sometimes the original contributor may not realise their mistake. Do not get aggressive with the submitter - most of the time the creation of the invalid entry was a mistake and not malicious.

First of all attempt to establish contact with the contributor by adding a note to the entry using the History button. Explain why you think the item is invalid and how they could proceed to repurpose the invalid entry.

If you receive no response then you should report the issue to one of the following forum threads to be merged. When adding to this thread please be certain to include the correct entry that the item needs to be merged with.

For Films: https://www.filmo.gs/forum/30042-list-duplicate-films-in-this-thread
For Credits: https://www.filmo.gs/forum/32123-list-duplicate-credits-here
For releases: https://www.filmo.gs/forum/176798-list-duplicate-releases-here
For Companies: https://www.filmo.gs/forum/167795-duplicate-companies-thread

I Don't Think This Belongs in the Database

Sometimes a contributor will add an item into the database that may not be elligible for the current project. If this is the case then please create a New Thread in the Forum to bring the communities attention to the issue where the case can be asssessed and dealt with by the community and staff.

This Entry Doesn't Contain Enough Data

Recent changes to the submission forms have been implemented to combat contributors who submit the bare minium for an entry. However you may feel that the contributor has either:

  • Not provided enough information about the release or film to allow it to be easily distinguished
  • Not completed their submission
  • (For releases) Pulled information from an online resource instead of the physical item

Sometimes this can occur with new contributors who are trying to find their way around the submission process. You can click on the submitters name to get an idea on how new they are to the project. Attempt to establish contact with the contributor and advise them on how best to proceed with their submissions.

If the contributor ignores or proceeds to contribute lacking data then raise a support request with the staff directly. Staff can then make a decision whether to retain the data or remove it from the database.