Glossary of Terms

In the world of home video there are a lot of specialist terms or abbreviations who's meaning may not be obvious at first. This document is to help inform submitters of information that may appear on their releases and what it means.

For country classifcation boards please see Identifying Film Classification Symbols.

CC (Closed Captions)

Term used to indicate that subtitles exist on this release. Closed cpations differ to SDH, as usually only dialog is presented on the screen. If a release has Closed Captions it will show the following symbol:

The Closed Captions symbol below doesn't usually appear on releases in the United Kingdom, instead the NCI symbol takes it place on VHS releases or subtitles are listed on DVD/Blu-Ray releases.

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CP / Copy Protected symbol

If this icon appears on your release it indicates that the release is copy protected by Macrovision's copy protection software. This means that end users are unable to rip content from the disc or make duplicates of the release without a decoder, however the film will play in any standard consumer DVD or Blu-Ray player.

Releases which feature Macrovision Copy Protection will display this symbol on either the release sleeve or on the disc. The release will also contain a short ~15 second video clip, usually at the end of the feature to confirm the release uses Macrovision CP.

NCI Symbol (National Captioning Institute) / Speech Balloon Symbol

An American non-profit organization who provides closed captioning for television and films. They provide this service for both real-time (live television) and off-line content (such as VHS or DVD releases). Their symbol, a speech balloon, appears on a lot of VHS releases in the United Kingdom, however for the user to be able to view the subtitles they must use a National Captioninig Institute decoder.

This is the symbol which appears on releases:

Here is an advert for a NCI decoder:

Often on VHS releases a picture will display for a few seconds before the feature begins informing you that this release has NCI subtitles encoded into it. A video of various variations of this picture can be found here.

Region L

Due to some smaller publishers and distributors having the choice to which regions their content is sold, they are in control of setting the DVD region lock on their releases. Usually smaller publishers and distributors do not have the ability to curate releases for each region, and simply make their releases region free by setting the region lock code to 0. However not all publishers and distributors display this information in the same way on their releases, because to the general public it no longer matters what the region code is if it is set to everywhere. Usually they would simply display the DVD region symbol (a picture of the earth) with a '0' or the world 'ALL' inside. The use of the letter L however is slightly confusing as it is not one of the numerical DVD regions, not one of the current alphabetical Blu-Ray regions and doesn't match either one of the region free identification standards listed above. A forum post was created to discuss its meaning, of which one Filmogs contributor suggested it stood for the word livre or libre which means free in Portuguese or Spanish.

SDH (Subtitles for the Deaf or Hard-of-hearing)

American terminology used for subitiling. SDH stands for Subtitles for the Deaf or Hard-of-hearing. This type of subtitiling includes all non-dialog information (such as the sound of a door closing).

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VPRC (Video Packaging Review Committee)

A voluntary scheme of self-regulation which regulates the sleeves of DVD and Blu-ray releases in the United Kingdom. Often identified on a release by the following symbol:

If a release shows the VPRC symbol, input "VPRC (Video Packaging Review Committee) approved" into the notes field. The symbol usually appears on the back of the paper insert sleeve near the copyright information.

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