Difference Between Film and Release Pages

If you’re a Discogs user, you’re probably familiar with the distinction between a Master page and a Release page. The Master page is a way of grouping together all the versions of a particular release. We’ve aimed to make the same distinction with Film and Release pages on Filmogs.

Film page

Example Film page for Star Wars - includes details about the film that are true for all releases, such as genres, sub-genre, premier date, writer, director, and acting credits. It also shows alternative titles you can expect to see. There are 25 versions (at time of writing this) of Star Wars archived in the database. These releases are all grouped together under the release tab on the Film page.

Release page

Release page for Star Wars - Specific to the physical release - in this case VHS - of Star Wars IV. It includes details only relevant to this release, such as unique identifying codes, like barcode and ISBN, run-time, distribution companies, and classification.

When you’re adding a Release to the database you can link to to a Film page by entering the film title in the field marked ‘Films’ at the bottom of the form.

Due to the differences between the Film and Release pages, you can only add Film pages to your ‘Following’ or ‘Watched’ lists. Only Releases can be added to your ‘Collection’ and ‘Wantlists’ as the focus of Filmogs is to catalog physical film releases.