1 x DVD, DVD-9 (Dual Layer Format)

Main Details
Identifying Codes
Catalog Number 31450
ISBN 0-7907-8734-2
UPC 0 85393 14502 6
Proof of Purchase 31450A
Proof of Purchase 31450B
Matrix Layer 0 7Y 31450V2.1.B VB01
Matrix Layer 1 7Y 31450V2.1.A VC01
Mastering SID Code Layer 0 IFPI L907
Mastering SID Code Layer 1 IFPI L908
Mould SID Code Label Side IFPI 2U08
Mould SID Code Read Side IFPI 2U05
Stamper Layer M1S16
  • 1 x DVD Description: DVD-9 (Dual Layer Format)
Language English & Français
Subtitles English, Français & Español
Region 1
Territories United States
Aspect Ratio 2.35:1
Colour Color
Audio Dolby Surround 5.1
Run Time 104 Mins.
Colour Encoding NTSC
Notes Special Features:
- Exciting alternate ending and additional scenes
- 2 documentaries: The Many Faces of Catwoman profiles the evolution of this legendary character, then go on the prowl as cast and crew lure you Behind the Scenes
- DVD-ROM weblink to Catwoman's World
- Theatrical trailer
Opening FBI warning 00:00:12
Opening Warner Home Video logo 00:00:12
Opening Trailers 00:01:04
Opening The Batman
Opening IMAX: Nascar 3D
Main Menu Play Movie 01:44:07
Before movie MPAA screen 00:00:07
1 Cat Lore Credits.
2 Impatient with Patience.
3 Rescue missions.
4 Date with the police.
5 Get rid of her.
6 Breath of life.
7 New tricks.
8 Midnight's owner.
9 Strange behavior.
10 Shooting hoops.
11 Animal attraction.
12 Party time.
13 Feline-ious assault.
14 Accepting Catwoman.
15 Stalking Armando.
16 Cat got your tongue?
17 Similarities.
18 Impressive heroics.
19 Between us girls.
20 Show stopper.
21 Complicated.
22 Getting to know her.
23 Framed.
24 Same girl.
25 Escaping on all fours.
26 Delivery failure.
27 Laurel's prey.
28 Bad girls showdown.
29 Freedom is power.
30 End credits.
After movie Warning scroll 00:00:21
Main Menu Scene Selections
Main Menu Special Features
Special Features The Many Faces of Catwoman 00:29:42
Special Features Behind-the-Scenes Documentary 00:13:02
Special Features Additional Scenes 00:06:25
Special Features Theatrical Trailer 00:00:58
Main Menu Languages
Spoken Languages English 5.1
Spoken Languages Français 5.1 (Dubbed in Quebec)
Subtitles English
Subtitles Français
Subtitles Español
Subtitles Off


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