Fly Away Home (Deluxe Widescreen Presentation)

1 x LaserDisc, Extended Play, CLV, Widescreen

Main Details
Identifying Codes
ISBN 0-8001-9616-3
UPC 0 43396 82436 2
Catalog Number 82436 Both Sides Of Disc
  • 1 x LaserDisc Description: Extended Play, CLV, Widescreen
Language English
Subtitles English (Closed Captioned)
Territories United States, Canada
Aspect Ratio 1.85:1
Colour Color
Audio Dolby Surround
Run Time 107 Minutes (1 Hour 47 Minutes)
Colour Encoding NTSC
A1 Opening Credits (10,000 Miles)
A2 "Mom Died, Didn't She?"
A3 One Month Later
A4 Dad's Glider
A5 The Workshop
A6 "Why Is There A Spaceship In The Barn?"
A7 Susan
A8 Memories
A9 Land Developers
A10 Orphaned Eggs
A11 Uncle David
A12 School Daze
A13 Goslings
A14 Town Meeting
A15 Searching For Amy
A16 Breakfast With The Flock
A17 Fuzzball Research
A18 Mamma Goose
A19 Ordinance 9314
A20 Tubtime And The Bottom Line
A21 Hot And Bothered
A22 Dressing Up
A23 Ergo
A24 Powered Flights
A25 Name Game
A26 C-IBYE Takes Flight
A27 "... They Just Might Follow My Airplane, Too."
A28 Father Goose
A29 Amy Takes Flight
A30 "Suppose I Built Another Aircraft And Then Taught Amy How To Fly It."
B1 A Stupid, Irresponsible, Hare-Brained Scheme?
B2 Flying Lessons
B3 A Natural Goes Solo
B4 Flying The Coop
B5 "I'll See You Again. You Can Count On It."
B6 Band Practice And Travel Maps
B7 Birdbrain
B8 Planning The Odyessy
B9 One Week Left To Push Them Into Shape
B10 Searching For Igor
B11 Liberating The Prisoners
B12 Crossing The Lake
B14 Border Check
B15 Amy Promises
B16 Media Coverage Begins
B17 Following The Wild Ones
B18 Hunters
B19 "What Happened Between You And Mum?"
B20 In The Soup
B21 Goose Kid In Baltimore
B22 Father Goose Down
B23 A Nasty Confrontation; Directions From Helpful Citizens
B24 Plea For Silence
B25 10,000 Miles
B26 Mission Accomplished
B27 End Credits


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