First Knight (Deluxe Widescreen Presentation)

2 x LaserDisc, Extended Play, CLV, Standard Play, CAV, Widescreen

Main Details
Identifying Codes
ISBN 0-8001-8193-X
UPC 0 43396-71176 1
Catalog Number 71176 Both Sides Of Disc
  • 2 x LaserDisc Description: Extended Play, CLV, Standard Play, CAV, Widescreen
Language English
Subtitles English (Closed Captioned)
Territories United States, Canada
Aspect Ratio 1.85:1
Colour Color
Audio Dolby Surround
Run Time 133 Minutes (2 Hours 13 Minutes)
Colour Encoding NTSC
Notes Side 4 is blank.
A1 Proluge
A2 Good With A Sword
A3 Opening Credits And Carnage
A4 Reporting To Guinevere
A5 A Word With Oswald
A6 On Her Way To Be Married
A7 Ambush
A8 Runaway Coach
A9 Rescued By Lancelot
A10 "Doesn't It Please You To Know You Saved The Life Of A Lady?"
A11 "Welcome To Camelot."
A12 Entering Arthur's City
A13 Peter And A White Mare
A14 The Guantlet
A15 Risk But No Reward
A16 Arthur And Lancelot
A17 "Do You Want To Marry Me?"
B1 Malagant The Guest
B2 A Message For Lady Guinevere
B3 "Taken? Taken Where?"; Lancelot In Pursuit
B4 At Malagant's Place
B5 A Place Of Forgetting
B6 Lancelot Meets Malagant
B7 Escape From The Pit
B8 In The Rain With Guinevere
B9 The King's Prayers Answered
B10 Thanking Lancelot In His Own Way
B11 "I Will Leave Camelot Now, If You Come With Me."
B12 "Brother To Brother. Yours In Life And Death."
B13 The Wedding Of Arthur And Guinevere; Jacob's News
B14 Riding To The Defense Of Leonesse
B15 Night Attack
B16 Entering Leonesse
B17 "I've Come To Say Goodbye And Wish You Well."
B18 Arthur Betrayed
B19 "When A Women Loves To Men, She Must Choose Between Them."
B20 "You Will Be Charged With Treason Under Our Laws."
C1 Informing The High Council
C2 In The Great Square
C3 Malagant Takes Control
C4 "Fight! Never Surrender!"
C5 Lancelot Vs. Malagant
C6 Final Words
C7 Pyre At Sea
C8 End Credits


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