The Client

1 x DVD

Main Details
Identifying Codes
Barcode 9325336000441
Cat# 13233
Language English
Subtitles English, Arabic, Polish, Greek, Czechoslovakian, Turkish, Hungarian, Icelandic, Croation, English For The Hearing Impaired
Region 4
Territories Australia
Aspect Ratio 2.35:1
Colour Color
Audio Dolby Digital 2.0
Run Time 116 Minutes
Colour Encoding PAL
Australian Classification Board (CB) Mature (M)
1 Sneaking A Smoke (Credits)
2 Death Wish
3 "Call Me Romey"
4 "Let's See If It Works"
5 The Blade Wants To Know
6 "you Tellin' The Truth, Son?"
7 Reverend Roy Rankled
8 The Sergeant And The Shyster
9 A Way Out Of A Dark Place?
10 Where The Lawyers Are
11 Hiring Reggie Love
12 Barry In Hot Water
13 A Few Questions
14 Reggie Meets The Boys
15 One Day At A Time
16 "You Like Kids?"
17 Zeppelin Groupies
18 Sob Story With Tattoos
19 Understanding - At Knifepoint
20 Big-League Hardball
21 Protective Custody: Momma Love's
22 Not Mark's Ride
23 "Sometimes Being Strong Means Asking For Help"
24 Truth And A Cigarette
25 A Home In Flames; One Child In Jail
26 Dialing For Pizza
27 "Just A Client, Isn't He?"
28 Just Like Them
29 The Judge's Rules
30 Wanton Hubris: Mark On The Stand
31 Death Warrant On A Napkin
32 Not Your Child
33 Hospital Emergency
34 Jeanette Calling
35 Asking For Help
36 Johnny's Last Favor
37 Headed Toward New Orleans
38 Trespassers
39 Inside The Boathouse
40 More Trespassers
41 Running For Their Lives
42 At Gunpoint
43 Reggie And Roy Cut A Deal
44 No More Risk
45 A New Home; An Eye For An Eye
46 "Don't Tell Him He's A Kid"
47 End Credits


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