Flipper (Letterboxed Edition)

1 x LaserDisc, Extended Play, CLV

Main Details
Identifying Codes
ISBN 0-7632-2024-3
UPC 0 9689-42983-6 4 Text
Catalog Number 42983 Back Cover, Both Sides Of Disc
  • 1 x LaserDisc Description: Extended Play, CLV
Language English
Subtitles English (Closed Captioned)
Territories United States, Canada
Colour Color
Audio Dolby Surround
Run Time 1 Hour 36 Minutes
Colour Encoding NTSC
A1 Main Titles: Welcome To Coral Key.
A2 Uncle Porter.
A3 Breakfast With A Blowtorch.
A4 The Reliable And The Bounty Hunter.
A5 Murder.
A6 Where's That Dolphin?
A7 The Locals.
A8 The Dolphin's World.
A9 Sandy's New Friend.
A10 The Runaway Nephew.
A11 Dealing With Porter Ricks.
A12 Sandy's Dolphin.
A13 Flipper The Wonder Dolphin.
A14 Sandy's Dolphin.
A15 A Different Approach.
B1 Flipper's New Friend.
B2 One Dolphin Too Many.
B3 You Can't Keep A Dolphin.
B4 Secrets In The Dark.
B5 To Live Is To Love.
B6 The Dying Dolphin.
B7 Poison.
B8 Project "Quick Find".
B9 The Flip-O-Cam.
B10 The Wasteland.
B11 Sandy At Sea.
B12 Scar.
B13 A Pretty Nifty Dolphin.
B14 He Belongs With His Family...
B15 Summer's End.
B16 Flipper's Farewell.
B17 End Titles.


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