Toytown Series No.1

1 x VHS, Pre-cert

Main Details
Identifying Codes
Catalog Number IOV050
  • 1 x VHS Description: Pre-cert
  • Other Thick plastic box cover
Territories United Kingdom
Aspect Ratio 4:3
Colour Encoding PAL
Notes Featuring LARRY THE LAMB
The Toytown characters, Larry the Lamb, Ernest the Policeman, Mr Mayor and others have been family favourites for more years than most of us wish to remember. The origination of the series dates back to the B.B.C.'s famous 'Children's Hour'. THE TALE OF THE MAGICIAN: The magician's spell goes wrong and Mr Mayor is turned into a pig. LARRY THE PLUMBER: Larry helps the plumber to mend a leak in the Town Hall water pipes. THE TOYTOWN TREASURE: When Larry sells flags, it is discovered that they are cut from a treasure chart. THE THEATRE ROYAL: A slapstick show at the Toytown theatre has some surprising effects. MR NOAH'S HOLIDAY: When Mr Noah takes a holiday the animals in the ark get up to mischief.

Features: The Tale of the Magician; Larry the Plumber; The Toytown Treasure; The Theatre Royal; Mr Noah's Holiday
(No chapters specified)


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