Emma and Grandpa

1 x VHS, Pre-cert

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Identifying Codes
Catalog Number LGVH 5023
  • 1 x VHS Description: Pre-cert
Territories United Kingdom
Aspect Ratio 4:3
Colour Colour
Notes Twelve stories about Emma, her Grandfather and his dog Cindy. Told by Thorn Hird. Each story is set in a different month of the year, as six year old Emma and her Grandpa explore the woods and fields near their home. In their adventures, they discover all sorts of things about the changing countryside: how cuckoos lay their eggs; where to find wild strawberries; which insects and animals live in the cornfields, and which trees lose their leaves in Winter. January: Grandpa builds a bird-table and Emma makes him a book of birds. February: Emma adopts an orphaned lamb but finds it hard to choose the right name. March: Grandpa collects some frog spawn for Emma, which looks remarkably like wallpaper-paste. April: Emma gets up early to hear the cuckoo and discovers some racing stables. May: In the bluebell wood, Emma meets a runaway cow and some messy picnickers. June: Strawberry picking time! Emma's plans for Grandpa's birthday treat nearly go wrong. July: Playing balloon boats by the stream, on a summer afternoon. Grandpa bumps into an old friend. August: Emma catches a mouse in her harvested cornfield. Her mum is not too pleased. September: Grandpa tells Emma the story of Rapunzel. Emma discovers her own mysterious tower. October: Everyone loves chrysanthemums, including Lulu the goat. November: Grandpa builds a bonfire to burn all the dead leaves and Emma almost loses her friend, Mr Piggy. December: Grandpa and Emma choose a Christmas tree and plant it in the garden. Based on the popular ITV series, this video is amusing, informative and touching and will give children, their parents and grandparents many hours of pleasure.
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