Take the Lead

1 x DVD, DVD-9 (Dual Layer)

Main Details
Identifying Codes
Cat# N10363
Proof of Purchase N10363A
Proof of Purchase N10363B
ISBN 0-7806-5522-2
Barcode 7 90943 10363 6
Matrix Layer 0 LW N10363V2.1.B VB01
Matrix Layer 1 LW N10363V2.1.C VA01
Mastering SID Code Layer 0 IFPI L907
Mastering SID Code Layer 1 IFPI L908
Mould SID Code Label Side IFPI 2UZ2
Mould SID Code Read Side IFPI 2UYI
  • 1 x DVD Description: DVD-9 (Dual Layer)
Language English
Subtitles English, Spanish (Feature Film Only)
Region 1
Territories United States
Aspect Ratio 1.85:1
Colour Color
Audio 5.1 Surround Sound, Stereo Surround Sound
Run Time 118 Mins.
Colour Encoding NTSC
Opening New Line Home Entertainment logo 00:00:22
Opening Sneak Peeks (A) 00:01:48
Opening Getting Played
Opening Face the Music
Opening Sneak Peeks (B) 00:03:35
Opening Grilled
Opening ATL
Opening The Lake House
Opening PSA: "Ban Labels - It Starts with You" 00:00:59
Main Menu Play Movie 01:56:58
Before movie MPAA screen 00:00:06
1 Opening Credits
2 Galas
3 Justice
4 A True Gentleman
5 An Introduction
6 Chance to Absorb
7 Welcome to the Foxtrot
8 Check This Out!
9 White Bread
10 Home Sweet Home
11 Rip
12 They Need Help
13 Trust is to Be Earned
14 Concerned Parents
15 Can You Feel It?
16 You're Welcome
17 Please Don't Freak Out
18 Let's Walk (End Titles)
After movie Deluxe Digital Studios logo 00:00:10
After movie Warning 00:00:11
Main Menu Special Features
Special Features Deleted/Alternate Scenes
Deleted/Alternate Scenes Play All 00:05:27
Deleted/Alternate Scenes 1. Pierre Watches Street Dancers 00:00:39
Deleted/Alternate Scenes 2. After the Gala 00:00:38
Deleted/Alternate Scenes 3. Easy & Trey Street Golfing 00:00:47
Deleted/Alternate Scenes 4. In the Classroom "Pencils Up!" 00:00:56
Deleted/Alternate Scenes 5. How Not to Be a Punk-Ass 00:01:27
Deleted/Alternate Scenes 6. Caitlin Returns 00:00:32
Deleted/Alternate Scenes 7. School Klutz 00:00:30
Deleted/Alternate Scenes (before each selection) Play Without Commentary
Deleted/Alternate Scenes (before each selection) Play With Commentary
Special Features You Take the Lead: Multi-Angle Tango
You Take the Lead: Multi-Angle Tango Play 00:01:38
Special Features Meet the Dungeon Kids 00:16:46
Special Features Between the Steps: A Profile of Pierre Dulaine 00:16:58
Special Features Liz, Swizz and Ziggy: The Director & Her Music Team 00:09:59
Special Features Feature Commentary with Director Liz Friedlander and Editor Robert Ivison 01:56:18
Special Features Trailer Remixes
Trailer Remixes Play All 00:06:18
Trailer Remixes DJ 2nd Nature 00:01:53
Trailer Remixes Eclectic Method 00:01:16
Trailer Remixes Addictive TV 00:03:10
Special Features Trailers
Trailers Theatrical Trailer 00:02:31
Trailers Sneak Peeks
Sneak Peeks Part A 00:01:48
Sneak Peeks Getting Played
Sneak Peeks Face the Music
Sneak Peeks Part B 00:03:35
Sneak Peeks Grilled
Sneak Peeks ATL
Sneak Peeks The Lake House
Sneak Peeks PSA: "Ban Labels - It Starts with You" 00:00:59
Sneak Peeks Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World 00:00:33
Main Menu Set Up Options
Set Up Screen and Sound Options Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound
Set Up Screen and Sound Options Stereo Surround Sound
Subtitles English
Subtitles Spanish
Subtitles Off
Main Menu Select a Scene
Main Menu DVD-Rom / Online Features
Main Menu New Line Filmbox
New Line Filmbox Credits


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