Main Details
Identifying Codes
Barcode 8 717418 183813
Part Number (Sleeve) Z7 BHY0859716
Language English, French, Dutch DTS-ES 6.1. Flemish DD 5.1.
Subtitles English, French, Dutch
Region B
Territories Netherlands, Belgium
Aspect Ratio 2.39:1
Colour Color
Audio DTS-ES 6.1, DD 5.1
Run Time 99
Notes All audiotracks are incorrect credit. Flemish track is in DD 5.1 and other three are in DTS-ES 6.1. Extra's Disc 1: 2 Audiocommentary. Picture-in-picture video by director Andrew Stanton. Cartoon Presto (5 min) Cartoon Burn-E with optional Storyboards(8 min) Trailers: Up, Disney Blu-ray Promo, Pinocchio/Pinokkio, Bolt, The Princess and the Frog, Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure and Disney Channel Wizards of Wavelry Place. Easter Egg: Geek-O-Rama Feature (4:48) Early WALL·E Title Animation Test (0:16) Early Wall·E Development Test (1:55).

Disc 2: Robots: Wall-E Treasures & Trinkets (5 min) Lots of bots (3 min) Axiom Arcade Games. Bot files Moving Images with commentary. Humans: 4 Deleted Scenes, with optional commentary. The imperfect lens Creating the look of Wall-E (14 min) Animation sound design: Building worlds from the sound up (19 min) Captain's log: The evolution of humans (8 min) Notes on a score (11 min) Life of a shot: Deconstructing the Pixar process (5 min) Robo-everything (6 min) Wall-E & Eve (7 min) Buy'n'Large (9 min) 3D set play-throughs. Gallerie with Character Design, Layouts & Backgrounds & Visual Development. Publicity: 7 Trailers. The Pixar story (89 Min) Directed By Leslie Iwerks with English Subtitels.
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