1 x Blu-ray 3D
1 x Blu-ray
1 x DVD

Main Details
Identifying Codes
Barcode 8712626093176
Catalog Number D3537793
Catalog Number F3 ODB 53779.1
Language Disc 1&2: English DTS-HD MA 7.1. French, Dutch, Flemish, DTS 5.1. Disc 1 only: Russian DTS 5.1. Eesti, Latvian, Lithuanian, Czech DD 5.1. Disc 2 only: Spanish, Catalan, German DTS 5.1. Disc 3: English, French, Dutch, Flemish DD 5.1
Subtitles All: English, French, Dutch, Arabic. Disc 1 only: Russian, Eesti, Latvian, Lithuanian, Czech. Disc 2 only: Spanish, German, Chinees, Turkish.
Region B, C, ALL, 2
Territories Netherlands
Aspect Ratio 2:40:1
Audio DTS-HD MA 7.1, DTS 5.1, DD 5.1
Run Time 102
Notes 3 Disc 3D release (3D + 2D + DVD) with sleeve. 3D disc is Regio B&C. 2D Bluray is Regio Free. The dvd is delieverd in cardboard and is regio 2. For all discs count, you must go back to the menu if you whant choose for another audiotrack. There is German Classification logo, but only 2D disc include German audiotrack and subtitel. 3D disc not include bonusmaterial. Extra's 2D disc: The disc start with a not subtiteld trailer of Percy Jackson 2. Birds, Bugs and Slugs Forest Explorer (5.20) Rot Rocks (3.20) Bugs of Camouflage (3.40) The Epic Life At Two Inches Tall (3.40) Mysteries of Moonhaven Revealed: The World (4.00) The Leafmen (5.50) Queen Tara (3.40) Mub and Grub (4.00) Nim Galuu (2.30) The Stompers (4.30) Finding Moonhaven (1.10). Trailer. DVD with only French or Dutch subtitels: The disc start with subtiteld trailer for The Croods & Turbo. Birds, Bugs and Slugs Forest Explorer (5.08), Rot Rocks (3.10). Trailer.
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