Zombie Holocaust

1 x Blu-ray

Main Details
Identifying Codes
Italian Collection 5
Language Italian, English
Subtitles English
Region B
Aspect Ratio 1.78:1
Colour Colour
Audio LPCM Mono
Run Time 84 mins
Notes ZOMBI HOLOCAUST returns the great Ian McCulloch (CONTAMINATION) to the screen as one of Italian horror cinema’s most likeable heroes. Unfortunately, though, McCulloch is once again placed in a luckless situation: arriving on a Caribbean island full of arisen, innards-hungry, undead denizens. Adding to his anguish is a tribe of peckish cannibals – and, rest assured, they have still not learned how to cook their dinner properly… or picked up any table manners! Also known as DOCTOR BUTCHER MD, and expertly directed by the late Marino Girolami, ZOMBI HOLOCAUST transplants two of Rome’s finest fright templates into one entrails laden entity. Indeed, as the title suggests, this legendary grindhouse gem is a macabre mix of CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST and ZOMBIE FLESH EATERS – offering the primitive barbeques of the former flick with the more supernatural suspense of the latter frightener. Can your stomach hold up? Be warned: the gore is more gruesome than ever

in this beautifully re-mastered HD edition, presented uncut and uncensored, courtesy of the B-movie mavericks at 88 Films!


BRAND NEW HD Master from the original camera negative restored and graded at Pinewood Studios Post Production in 2015.
Uncompressed LPCM English Soundtrack
Uncompressed LPCM Italian Soundtrack with English Subtitles
Reversible Sleeve with alternative art
EATEN ALIVE, brand new feature length Documentary about the Italian Cannibal film phenomenon.
Q&A with Ian McCulloch from Manchester Festival of Fantastic Films
Deleted Scene
Theatrical Trailer
(No chapters specified)


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