Shrek De Derde

2 x DVD, 2 Disc Special Edition

Main Details
Identifying Codes
Barcode 8717722770562
Catalog Number 77056
  • 2 x DVD Description: 2 Disc Special Edition
Language Disc 1: English, Dutch, Flemish. Disc 2: English, Dutch, German, Spanish, Catalan.
Subtitles Disc 1: English, Dutch. Disc 2: English, Dutch, German, Spanish, Catalan, Portugues, Greek.
Region 2
Territories Netherlands
Aspect Ratio 1:78:1
Audio DD 5.1
Run Time 89
Colour Encoding PAL
Notes 2 disc Special Edition of Shrek 3. Credit as Shrek De Derde. Extra's - Disc 1: Startup Trailers from Bee Movie in English or Dutch (1:36) Kung Fu Panda promo with Jack Black with optional Dutch subtitels (2:28). Delete Scenes Feature (18:25) Meet the Cast (10:41) Shrek's Guide to Parenthood (0:30/0:32/0:34/0:33) Tech of Shrek (9:55) Shrek / Shrek 2 trailer in English or Dutch (2:01/2:16) Previews Trailers in English, Dutch or Flemish from: Over The Hedge, Charlotte's Web. Worcestershire Academy Year Book (Bio about chacters) Dreamworks Jukebox (Var) Merlin's Magic Crystal Ball (Game). Disc 2: Delete Scenes Feature (7:27) Outtakes/Bloopers (1:56) Merlin's Big Magic Book, Green Food and Shrek, Learn to draw (Games) Donkey Dance Music Video (1:41/0:32) How to be Green (4:00) One Big Green Farytale world (8:16) Gallery (14:03) Do You Know Shrek 3 Quize (5:56).
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