Принцесса Мононоке

1 x DVD, DVD 9

Main Details
Identifying Codes
Catalog Number 19300
  • 1 x DVD Description: DVD 9
Language Russian, Japanese, English
Subtitles Russian, English, Japanese
Territories Russian Federation
Colour Colour
Audio Dolby Digital 5.1, Dolby Digital 2.0
Run Time 134 mins
(No chapters specified)


morgue_sludge posted 1 year ago:

The authenticity of this release seems very dubious to me, just looking at the scans.

Assuming I'm correct (the low-ink/malfunctioning inkjet printer artwork looks like something you'd only ever be able to buy out of someone's trunk, or some extremely shady, disreputable stall/backroom), this should, at the very least, be marked as "Unofficial" somewhere, like the Fromat field. Also, Miramax Home Entertainment would have to link to a new page as "Miramax Home Entertainment (2)", to denote unofficial/counterfeit releases and branding.

I'm not sure that anonymous, privately-created bootlegs of unknown origin/quantity really belong at all, though. Not any more than a CDr someone privately burns and copies all the artwork from at home belongs on Discogs. The big distinction for me between bootlegs which don't belong in the database, and those which do comes down to their availability. I can buy a lot of more-or-less authentic or official-looking bootlegs on the public web and in stores (some retail chains, even). But it's pretty rare to find releases publicly sold online or in stores that look as phony as this, and they seem to originate exclusively from individuals printing and burning copies at home and distributing them through black market channels, with no kind of legitimate (or even "grey market") distribution or public availability.

AntumDeluge replied 1 year ago:

As far as the scans go, I've scanned DVD/CD covers that resulted with speckled images like that depending on scanner settings (not sure what settings, was a long time ago).

I found a website for the distributor Intercontinental Video Ltd. found on disc label. According to that, they distribute many Studio Ghibli films such as Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away, & My Neighbor Totoro. Wikipedia lists them as a distributor in Hong Kong.

It appears that Miramax produced the English version.

Not saying you are wrong. Just some info that I found.

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