The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring

2 x DVD, DVD-9 (Dual Layer)

Main Details
Identifying Codes
Catalog Number (spine) DS90099
Barcode 8 716777 002537
  • 2 x DVD Description: DVD-9 (Dual Layer)
Language English, French
Subtitles Dutch, English, French
Region 2
Territories Netherlands
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Colour Color
Audio Dolby Digital 5.1 (English, French)
Run Time 178 mins
Colour Encoding PAL
Notes 2 disc SE. Disc 1 only include DVD Production Credits as extra, the other extra's are on disc 2:

Welcome To Middle-earth: Houghton Mifflin In-Store Special, (16.47) The Quest Of The Ring: Fox TV Special (21.28) A Passage To Middle-Earth: SciFi Chanel Special (40.40)

lordoftheringsnet features: Finding Hobbition (2.14) Hobbition Comes Alive (4.35) Believing The World Of Bree (2.35) Ringwraiths: The Fallen Kings (4.36) Rivendell: The Elfen Refuge (3.55) Languages Of Middle-Earth (3.08) Two Wizzards (1.57) Music Of Middle-Earth (4.07) Elijah Wood (1.43) Viggo Mortensen (1.45) Orlando Bloom (2.18) Cate Blanchet (1.49) Liv Tyler (1.39) Ian McKellen (1.45) Waethertrop: The Windy Hill (3.04).

Trailers: Teaser 1 (1.37) Teaser 2 (2.15) Final Trailer (2.40). Tv Spots: MTV (0.32) Fellowship (0.32) Top Ten/AFI (0.32) Phenomenon (0.32) Academy Nomination (0.32) Epic Oscar (0.32).

Enya "May It Be" Music Video (3.30) Behind-The-Scenes Preview Of "The Two Towers (10.44) Special Extended DVD Edition Preview (3.06) Preview Of The "Electronic Arts" Video Game, The Two Towers (3.02)
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