Main Details
Identifying Codes
Barcode 8 712609 032857
Catalog Number DNS 32161
Language English
Subtitles English, Dutch, Hindi
Region 2
Territories Netherlands
Aspect Ratio 1:85:1
Colour Colour
Audio DD 5.1
Run Time 116
Colour Encoding PAL
Notes 2 Disc. Extra's: 2 Audiocommentary. Cast Files. Spider Sense: Play Movie with Features: The Spider Wrangler (8:52) Bonesaw McGraw (1:47) The Model Maker (1:48) Creating The World Of Spider-Man (3.17) Designing The World Of Spider-Man (2.33) The Prop Maker (2:14). Weaving The Web Pop Up Factoids: Trivia Track in English. Trailer (1:11) Trailer Mr Deeds (1:44) Trailer Men In Black II (1:48) Stan Lee's Mutants, Monsters And Marvels interview (3:12) 10 TV Spots (4:15) Music Video Hero from Chad Kroeger and Josey Scott (3:24) Music Video What We're All About from Sum41 (3:42)

Disc 2:

Spider-Man Archives: English Text Information. Artists Gallery. Rogue Gallery. The Loves Of Peter Parker. Activision Game Hints And Tips. Spider-Man: The Mythology Of The 21st Century (25:28) HBO Behind The Scènes Spider-Man (24:41) E! Entertainment - Spider-Mania (40:30) Director Profile Sam Raimi (7:04) Composer Profile Danny Elfman (7:27) Screen Tests: Tobey Maguire, (1:13) J.K. Simmons (0:49) CGI Spider-Man (0:21) Make-up And Costumes (2:55) Gag Reel/Outtakes (3:04). Easter Eggs: Todd McFarlane Anekdote (1:59) The Romitas (3:28) Sinister Six (Bio/Picture)
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