2 x DVD, DVD-9 (Dual Layer)

Main Details
Identifying Codes
Catalog Number 35024
ISBN 0-7888-5346-5
Barcode 7 86936 23929 4
  • 2 x DVD Description: DVD-9 (Dual Layer)
Language English, French, Spanish
Subtitles English (Closed Captioned)
Region 1
Territories United States
Aspect Ratio 1.33:1
Colour Color
Audio Dolby Digital 5.1 (English), Dolby Digital 5.1 (French), Dolby Digital 5.1 (Spanish)
Run Time 76 minutes
Colour Encoding NTSC
Notes 2-Disc Special Edition
2005 DVD Release

Picture & Sound
• All-New Digital Restoration With Enhanced Picture And Sound
• All-New 5.1 Disney Enhanced Home Theater Mix
• Restored Original Theatrical Soundtrack
• All-New Music Videos

Games & Activities
• The House Of Royalty
- Travel across the country and learn how to look, live and act like a real-life royal.
• The Royal Life DVD-ROM
- Design your very own royal outfit, and build a spectacular palace!
• Princess Pajama Jam
- Dance with your favorite princesses.

Backstage Disney
• Cinderella Stories
- Inspiring true-life "Cinderella" moments in sports history!
• Deleted Scenes
• The Making Of Cinderella
• Sneak Peek Of The All-New Movie Cinderella III
• And Much, Much More!
1 Opening Credits ("Cinderella")
2 Once Upon A Time...
3 "A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes"
4 A New Mouse In The House
5 Lucifer
6 Sneaking Past Lucifer
7 Cat And Mouse
8 Lady Tremaine
9 Plans Afoot At The Palace
10 "Sing Sweet Nightingale"
11 A Royal Invitation
12 A New Dress For Cinderella ("The Work Song")
13 A Mission For Jaq And Gus
14 Finishing The Dress
15 Time To Leave For The Ball
16 Cinderella's Fairy Godmother
17 "Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo"
18 The Ball At The Palace
19 "So This Is Love"
20 Breaking The Bad News To The King
21 Lady Tremaine's Plan
22 The Duke Arrives
23 Rescuing Cinderella
24 Cinderella Tries On The Glass Slipper


sixandnine posted 6 months ago:

Is this slipcase with an additional flap with velcro fastening?

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