A Clockwork Orange

1 x DVD

Main Details
Identifying Codes
Catalog No. 17367
ISBN 0-7907-4272-1
UPC 0 85391 73672 1
Language English & French
Region 1
Territories United States, Canada
Aspect Ratio Widescreen
Colour Color
Audio Dolby Digital
Run Time 137 Minutes
Colour Encoding NTSC
MPAA (Original Rating) X
MPAA (As listed on DVD) R
1 Main Title (Music for the Funeral of Queen Mary)
2 Alex and his Droogs
3 The Old Ultraviolence on a Tramp
4 Battling BIlly Boy (The Thieving Magpie)
5 Through the Real Country Dark
6 Country House (Singin' in the Rain)
7 Disciplining Dim
8 At Home with Ludwig Van (Symphony No. 9)
9 Home Ill; Mr. Deltoid
10 The Music Shop
11 Two Ladies (William Tell Overture)
12 Dissent Among Droogs
13 A Real Leader
14 The Cat Lady's House
15 Now a Murderer
16 Prisoner #655321
17 The Chaplain's Remarks (I Was a Wandering Sheep)
18 Big Book Fantasies (Scheherazade)
19 The Minister's Visit (Pomp and Circumstance March #1)
20 Arrival at Ludovico (Pomp and Circumstance March #4)
21 "And vidi films I would" (Time Steps)
22 "I'm cured. Praise God!"
23 On display (Overture to the Sun)
24 The sickness
25 Your true believer
26 Family reunion (I Want to Marry a Lighthouse Keeper)
27 No Room for Alex
28 Three familiar faces
29 Droogs with badges
30 Return to the country house
31 Mr. Alexander's hospitality
32 The Hospital
33 A slide show
34 A very special visitor
35 "I was cured, all right"
36 End Credits (Singin' in the Rain)


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