Jurassic Park

2 x LaserDisc, CLV

Main Details
Language English
Subtitles English (Closed Captioning)
Aspect Ratio 1.85:1
Colour Color
Audio Digital Stereo - English DTS Digital Surround sound track, Analog Stereo - English Dolby Surround sound track
Run Time 127 minutes
Colour Encoding NTSC
PG-13 Motion Picture Association Of America
Notes Along with The Shadow, the Jurassic Park LaserDisc was the first appearance of DTS Digital Surround in a home theater release.
Side 1
1 Monster in a Box.
2 Some Questions About the Park.
3 The Diggers.
4 The Tale of the Six-Foot Turkey.
5 What's So Wrong with Kids?
6 Mr. Hammond's Invitation.
7 The Value of Viable Embryos.
8 The Chaotician.
9 Hammond's Island.
10 Welcome to Jurassic Park!
11 Mr. DNA and the Miracle of Cloning.
12 Present at the Birth.
13 Life Finds a Way.
14 Lunch Time.
15 Lethal at Eight Months.
16 Humility Before Nature.
17 A Little Time with the Target Audience.
18 Start the Tour!
19 Today's Glitch List.
Side 2
20 The Tyrannosaur Paddock.
21 The Essence of Chaos.
22 Ellie's Patient.
23 The Coming of the Storm.
24 Shutdown!
25 What's To Be Scared Of?
26 The Tyrannosaurus Rex.
27 Nedry and the Nice Dinosaur.
28 Up a Tree.
29 It Could Be Anywhere.
30 Racing with the Rex.
31 The View from the Trees.
32 It's All an Illusion.
33 Breakfast with a Brachiosaur.
34 The Dinosaurs Are Breeding!
35 A Calculated Risk.
Side 3
36 Galloping Gallimimus.
37 Something's Wrong!
38 We're Being Hunted!
39 Peril on the Perimeter Fence.
40 A Predator in the Power House.
41 Muldoon Meets His Match.
42 A Repast with the Raptors.
43 Chaos in the Kitchen.
44 The Clues in the Computer.
45 Hanging Out To Die.
46 The Dinosaurs Denied.
47 The Dream Left Behind.


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