Main Details
Identifying Codes
Catalog Number 21550
Barcode 0 25192 15502 4
ISBN 0-7832-6356-2
Mastering SID Code Layer 0 IFPI L779
Mastering SID Code Layer 1 IFPI L780
Matrix Layer 0 (212019) 21550 (R0)
Matrix Layer 1 (212018) 21550 (R0)
Mould SID Code Label Side IFPI KK31
Mould SID Code Read Side IFPI KKIOL
Part Number (Sleeve) #10805
  • 1 x DVD Description: DVD-9 (Dual Layer)
Language English
Subtitles English, Spanish, French
Region 1
Territories United States
Aspect Ratio 1.85:1 Anamorphic Widescreen
Colour Color
Audio 5.1 Surround, 2.0 Mono
Run Time 109 mins
Colour Encoding NTSC
Opening Warning 00:00:16
Opening Previews: Scarface: Anniversary Edition/High School Reunion Collection/Monty Python's The Meaning of Life 00:03:07
Main Menu Play 01:48:39
Before movie MPAA screen 00:00:06
Before movie Universal Studios Home Entertainment logo 00:00:25
1 Faber College 1962 (Main Titles)
2 The Best House on Campus
3 The Worst House on Campus
4 Double-Secret Probation
5 The New Pledges
6 The Problem with Milton
7 Niedermyer's Golf Lesson
8 A Joint with Mr. Jennings
9 A Defenseless Animal
10 The Horse's Heart Attack
11 The Mayor
12 Lunch with Bluto
13 Food Fight!
14 Mandy's Secret Admirer
15 The Psych Test
16 Prepare to Party
17 The Toga Party
18 Shout! (Otis Day & the Knights)
19 Toga Love
20 Larry's Dilemma
21 The Probation Hearing
22 Closed Down
23 Road Trip!
24 Fawn's Fiancee
25 The Only White People Here
26 The Morning After
27 My Brother's Car
28 The Deltas Come Undone
29 When the Going Gets Tough
30 A Really Futile and Stupid Gesture
31 The Homecoming Parade
32 The Deltas Strike Back
33 The Deathmobile
34 Where Are They Now?
35 End Titles
36 When in Hollywood...
After movie Captions Inc. (only appears if captions are turned on) 00:00:04
After movie Deluxe Digital Studios logo 00:00:09
After movie Macrovision logo 00:00:14
Main Menu Scenes
Main Menu Bonus
Bonus Materials Where Are They Now? A Delta Alumni Update 00:23:22
Bonus Materials MxPx "Shout" Music Video 00:04:20
Bonus Materials Did You Know That? Universal Animated Anecdotes
Bonus Materials The Yearbook: An Animal House Reunion 00:45:16
Bonus Materials Theatrical Trailer 00:02:45
Bonus Materials Production Notes
Bonus Materials Cast & Filmmakers
Cast & Filmmakers John Belushi as John "Bluto" Blutarsky
Cast & Filmmakers Tim Matheson as Eric "Otter" Stratton
Cast & Filmmakers John Vernon as Dean Vernon Wormer
Cast & Filmmakers Verna Bloom as Marion Wormer
Cast & Filmmakers Thomas Hulce as Larry "Pinto" Kroger
Cast & Filmmakers Cesare Danova as Mayor Carmine DePasto
Cast & Filmmakers Donald Sutherland as Dave Jennings
Cast & Filmmakers Kevin Bacon as Chip Diller
Cast & Filmmakers Bruce McGill as Daniel Simpson "D-Day" Day
Cast & Filmmakers Mark Metcalf as Doug Neidermyer
Cast & Filmmakers Peter Riegert as Donald "Boon" Schoenstein
Cast & Filmmakers James Widdoes as Robert Hoover
Cast & Filmmakers Karen Allen as Katy
Cast & Filmmakers Stephen Furst as Kent "Flounder" Dorfman
Cast & Filmmakers DeWayne Jessie as Otis Day
Cast & Filmmakers Martha Smith as Barbara "Babs" Jansen
Cast & Filmmakers Produced by Ivan Reitman
Cast & Filmmakers Written by Harold Ramis
Cast & Filmmakers Written by Douglas Kenny
Cast & Filmmakers Written by Chris Miller
Cast & Filmmakers Directed by John Landis
Bonus Materials DVD-Rom Features
Bonus Materials Recommendations
Main Menu Languages
Languages English 5.1 Dolby Digital
Languages English Mono 2.0
Captioned for the Hearing Impaired English
Subtitles Français
Subtitles Español
Subtitles Off


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