Film Guidelines

The purpose of a Film page is to group together Releases of the same title across formats, territories, printing dates, and other differences. For example, Star Wars

A Film should only be added to the Filmogs database when a Release of that film has already been added, or will be added immediately afterwards.


Enter the category of this film content.

More Film Category Information

Use one of the following categories when submitting a Film to the Filmogs Database. If you're unsure about which applies to the film you're submitting, consult the forums.

  • Concert Recording: Live music performance by a band or musician. Example: Pink Floyd: Live at Pompeii
  • Film: Also known as a movie, motion picture or theatrical film. Several film institutes class a feature film as having a run time of at least 45 minutes. Example: Scream
  • Music Video: A short film or video clip released alongside a song, providing a visual backdrop to the song for promotional and/or artistic purposes. Example: Elvis vs. JXL - A Little Less Conversation
  • Promotional Video: Produced to promote a specific product or service but has a longer run-time than that of a commercial/advertisement. This also includes a film or video content included with a music release or other type of product. Commercials or advertisements (such as those found on TV) are currently not being indexed. Example: Gymate Introductory Exercise Programme - Complete Training Workout
  • Short Film: Defined the The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences as "an original motion picture that has a running time of 40 minutes or less, including all credits". Example: Tin Toy
  • TV Show / Series: Made for television series made up of several episodes, that are grouped together to form series, seasons, or volumes. Regarding Made for TV movies, these often fit into the Feature Film category. Example: Mr Show with Bob and David
  • TV Episode: One of several standalone units of film content as part of a TV show / series. Example: A Streetcar Named Marge
  • Other: Use this for any type of recording that doesn't fit into one of the above categories. Please explain your decision to use this category in the Submission Notes. Example: 15 Classic Wrestling Battles


Select the Genre of this film from the dropdown menu.

Alternative Titles

Enter any other title this film was released under, including translations and transliterations for international markets.

Country of Origin

Enter the country or countries where this film was produced.


Enter the earliest this film was presented to the public in the format YYYY-MM-DD.

Film must have a release date in the past (no future film releases)

Depending on the category this film falls into, this could be a cinematic release date for a Feature Film, date it originally aired for a TV Series or TV Episode, or earliest a home video release date for "straight-to-video" films.


Use this free text field to add any additional details about the film that don't fit in any of the above fields.

Don't use this field for data that belongs in another field.

Please do not include subjective opinions, reviews, promotional language or hype, or condition notes.


Enter the original title of the Film in its original language (and alphabet, if applicable).

Follow best practices for capitalization.

Subtitles should be added into the this field using a colon as a separator (e.g. Title: Subtitle).

The Rules and Guidelines have more information on how to add a title.


Enter the name of a person who was involved in making this film.

Select their role or involvement in producing this film from the dropdown menu.

Enter roles as 'Editor', 'Director', 'Cinematographer', not 'Edited By', 'Directed By', 'Cinematography By', etc.

You can also add a role by typing it into this field.

Use (As) to enter the character's name of an actor or actress (e.g. Actor, Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker).

Please link a Discogs artist, release, or label page where there is a commonality with the data or it makes sense to do so.

Adding a YouTube link will display the video in the right-column of the page after submitted.

We don't accept links to review pages, email addresses, shops or online stores, poor quality fan pages, or pages that are not directly accessible (e.g. require a log in or payment to view).


Enter more specific details about the genre (e.g. a Science Fiction sub-genre branch into Dystopian or Space Opera).