Filmogs is an online community-built film database brought to you from the creators of Discogs. It is a new site that allows you to catalog all types of films. In the same way that Discogs allows you to catalog the specific version of your music release, Filmogs allows you to catalog the specific version of the film you have.

While there are many great existing online databases focusing on film and TV series, Filmogs is the only database focusing on the physical release of film and TV series on DVD, Blu-ray, VHS tape, LaserDisc and other physical film formats and the various editions that are released over time and geographies.

While Filmogs is currently still in its early phases and requires a lot more data before it matches Discogs as a resource for physical DVD, blu-ray and VHS film release, we hope to see Filmogs become the authority on physical film releases, and the go-to marketplace to buy and sell films on DVD, blu-ray, VHS and more.

Filmogs is a continuous work in progress. We’re always working on improvements and ways to make it as valuable as possible for the community. We’re eternally grateful to our community of passionate film fans and collectors for your contributions to the Filmogs database and support of newcomers to the site.

By adding your DVDs, Blu-ray, VHS tapes and more to the database, you’re helping to solidify the history of film and physical releases, and in turn creating an invaluable resource for generations of film fans and collectors to come.

Filmogs is a user-built database brought to you by the creators of Discogs. We’d like to do for film releases what Discogs has done for music releases; that is create a comprehensive archive of as many physical film releases as possible.

If you’re a fan of Discogs and have followed its growth over the past few years, you might be curious to experience what it was like in earlier years. Filmogs in its current state is a good representation of the early years of Discogs. By getting started with Filmogs now and contributing to the database and building the marketplace, you could one day righteously claim to have been here from the beginning.