It's a basic one but I got it to submit without errors!'

Apparently, I submitted it as a Film. I'm now going to try and submit a specific release of the DVD.

Nice one!

Are the instructions in the wiki clear enough? Did you find it fairly simple?

To be honest, what I did was copied from a release already in the database and just filled in the correct data and removed fields I didn't want to mess with. But yes, the instructions seem easy enough so far.

I can't speak for others though.

That's fine, that is what i do as well. The templates at and may make it a bit easier once you know what you want to enter

You know you have to add the DVD as a separate process, right?

Yes, it appears that I'll be adding that as a "Release", not a "Film"

Yup :o)

I managed to enter Blade Runner.

Quite a lot that aren't really clear... but then again we're at an early stage.
I guess Language refers to the language spoken in the film and not subtitles?
A connection between Audio and Language might be needed. The one I submitted had English, French, Italian, Spanish and German in Dolby Digital while the PCM track was English only.

I submitted a Blu-ray. For that format resolution is of interest.

For many formats NTSC, PAL or SECAM is of interest.

There's of course a lot more details that can be entered but those are some of the basic ones that I can think of.

Very early stage, yes!

"I guess Language refers to the language spoken in the film and not subtitles?" -> I have been using it for both, see ... "languages": "English (Captioned), French (Sous-Titre)" . All in one field. This may need to be split out in a different way, and we will need to go back and change all the other releases. I expect we will have to do this for a few fields.

"For many formats NTSC, PAL or SECAM is of interest." -> You can enter that in "Color Encoding System".

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