Should a video game release - that includes video content - be indexed? I am not referring to animated or video cut scenes, etc. Here is an example:

Dragon Ball Z for Kinect (XBOX 360 game)
- not interested in the actual game BUT there is a full-length, animated Dragon Ball Z special episode included on the disc - that is not available (at least in North America) on any other official media release. It is in HD but one needs the XBOX 360 console to play.

GameBoy Color systems have a number of video only cartridges, too.

(but that is a DVD-Video disc)

Yes. Same thing with DBZ Dead Zone Blu-ray (PS3 edition) I submitted - however I was not writing about physical bonus content (playable on standard players) packaged with a video game title - but an actual video game disc with the bonus video content on it.

Aah I see, not sure. I'd add it anyway for the mean time :)

Dragon Ball Z - Raging Blast 2 (for PS3) also has an exclusive movie - the HD remake of Plan To Eradicate The Saiyans. Not too familiar with games in general but I do know PS3 uses Blu-ray media - Not sure what format type should be listed, though. Listing as Blu-ray might technically be accurate but cannot play on standard player obviously.

should i add Game trailers as films?

i made a Xbox 360 trail disc it includes game trailers and movie trailers and 3 music videos i pinked the movie trailers and fotage but ahould i add the game trailer.

Its still a video you watch and they play on Dvd players.

@Jo_Store are you saying you "made an XBox 360 disc"?
If so, I would say no to adding it. Shouldn't only mass made media be added to Filmogs?


supporting video game content in another fourm saying add them now you are saying dont add them in thia fourm make up your mind.

I think thefavoriteplay was asking if you CREATED the XBOX 360 disc yourself due to the "i made a Xbox 360 trail disc" statement.

No i didn't it was made by microsoft and distributed through walmart as a free sample.

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