I have a rather large collection (over 3,000) dvds. I would like to list my collection on here but want to make sure I am doing it right. I ran across for example 50 First Dates which I have but not the one pictured. I have the Widescreen Special Edition version. I clicked contribute - add release and added the internal ID # to link them but then it wants format and there is no drop down menu like on Discogs. What would I put there and do I need to fill in all blanks for the release or just the ones with the red * since all other information is the same as the main title? Would I put the Widescreen Special Edition on the title line after 50 First Dates or in the notes? And if the cover is different how do I add the one I have? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks again!

If I may be so bold - use something like this as your template:


not this:


Re: title - you are indexing the RELEASE; you are not indexing like a library would. So the title would be what the FULL name of the physical product, not just the name of the feature content.

Re: cover images - just like DISCOGS - add an image of the unit you physically have in your possession - the one you are indexing. DON'T use an image from Amazon or some online retailer.


Only the fields with a red asterisk are required.

The release formats are listed at https://www.filmo.gs/wiki/Release-Formats

Would I put the Widescreen Special Edition on the title line after 50 First Dates or in the notes?

That goes in Aspect Ratio - Widescreen, and "Widescreen Special Edition" can go in the notes as well.

if the cover is different how do I add the one I have?

You upload the image to the release you submit, this is a second step. For example, at https://www.filmo.gs/release/43598-Harry-Potter-And-The-Sorcerers-Stone-Special-Widescreen-Edition click the arrow next to "edit this page" and the dropdown has "Edit images", click that.

Wow! Only TITLE and FORMAT are "required"!? What the heck am I doing then?

I beg to differ with you about the "Widescreen Special Edition" title. If one wants to check out data about the FILM - example 50 First Dates - shouldn't they check out the Film credit page? The RELEASE data page is for the release. Not all the releases in a specific region are simply titled, for example, 50 First Dates, In fact, when one checks out a manufacturer catalog (the type a retailer might get) a release title will 99 percent of the time include such words and phrases "Widescreen Special Edition" and so forth.

What type of site does filmogs want to become? You can use "Library" cataloging, but that does absolutely nothing for the collector looking for specific releases. Library science likes to put down what they call "container cataloging" - but that is exactly what one needs to do for the collector. For individuals that would prefer downloads or put all their discs into folder/disc wallets to save space might not understand this.

Look EK_ I don't wan't to speak for Nik but chill, you are dictating a new user how to do things by telling what another user is doing wrong.

Dibb-s is one of the best contributors here.

Look I personally appreciate the effort into going into every detail, but not everyone can do what you do. Also a release can edited with time another contributor comes along and finishes. I did that on Discogs.

I see nothing wrong by not adding everything as long as the information is correct, the contributor can either come back to edit later or another will come along and finish. That never affected the quality of Discogs.

It's my opinion I don't speak for Filmogs, I think you did mistake shaming Dibb-s edit. And Finally I truly appreciate the effort and quality you putting into detailing a release, you are doing quality work!

First, if you read what I wrote "use something like this" is a suggestion.

Second, I just do not see what the point of entering four lines of data about a release, which is often less information one can get from an online retail site.

It would be easier for filmogs to get release data from manufactures and/or retailers and post it if quantity is their aim - there would be way more that 5500 entries if they went that route.

I don't know how to state it any simpler - for a site such as this to be successful there has to be unique content that the user cannot find anywhere else. That is why Discogs is popular. Have you ever looked at THOSE entries? Insane amounts of data per release - good luck trying to find that on Amazon or ebay.

I am more confused than ever now. I understand under a new entry (movie title) adding everything you can but I just asked about if a movie ie. 50 First Dates is already in but my cover says Widescreen Special Edition at the top. I just wanted to know how to add the release under the main heading. I went into "50 First Dates" and then "contribute" and "add release". I put 50 first dates widescreen special edition in the title slot?? Next add format - what do I put in quantity?? and for type?? DVD?? As far as identifying codes?? Where does it go?? How do you upload cover pic if its different than the one pictured. This is much different than Discogs and that could be why its not taking off as quickly. Discogs entries are so detailed because its been around so long and so many different people contribute to each entry. I have added many on Discogs - this is different to me. I have a collection of over 3000 dvd/blue ray releases and would very much like to contribute to this but I am very confused and don't want to do it wrong. I really need a step by step for this one example (50 first dates) and I would be happy to contribute to this site. I have been a collector for 20 years. Thanks for your time.

Quantity is how many disc or VHS in the package for example the set below contains 4 disc hence the user put the number 4. The type, VHS, Laserdisc, DVD, Blu-Ray, Beta or any other format that escapes me at the moment.


Identifying Codes, Type - Barcode - Number - what ever the number are. You technically can choose to skip this part but I do not recommend it. You can either choose to do what EK_ does or not. If you do the topic below should help you.

Identifying code see the topic below.

Add a release of choice, don't go in the details you don't understand yet, and I am sure members here will gladly help.

I am not having any luck at all. If the release you have is listed but it doesn't say collection next to it - how do you add it to yours? Again - do I go into the main movie page then click to add release if its a different version? Do I put the edition I have in the title spot? Where does the internal code go? Does all the same info have to be put in again to just add a different release of the same movie? This is way different than discogs then. I was told to link the internal code to the release but WHERE??? This is a shame - I see why more people don't use it.


I have no idea about internal ids.

Unfortunate but I THINK one has to re-enter EVERYTHING each time. That is how I have done all of my entries.

I would be more than happy to send you a sort of rules/guldelines text that I wrote up for indexing releases that I have used for a long time - much longer than this site. Worked on other proprietary projects and databases indexing similar items. Kind of helps if one is slightly OCD but it isn't as insane and counter intuitive as MARC and the like.

Remember, you can do what you want as there are no rules here. Free-for-all! Have fun! It's beta testing. All you really need is a title and format! I want no one to be shamed or sad! One Love! Peace! Coexistence! Really!

Hey folks. This is explained fairly clearly (I think) at https://www.filmo.gs/wiki . Please carefully read the "Data we Track" and "How to contribute" sections.

Wow! Only TITLE and FORMAT are "required"!?

That is the technical minimum at the moment. Most everyone adds more. There is also the usual requirement that there is enough info entered to distinguish the unique film / release. This can all be discussed, but better in a separate thread.

I beg to differ with you about the "Widescreen Special Edition" title.

"Widescreen Special Edition" is not part of the title. As with Discogs, we don't put in a bunch of extra information into the title field just because it may be convenient. If there are display requirements on the Film page, that can be discussed and updated as things progress.

I just wanted to know how to add the release under the main heading.

Go to the "Add Release" form https://www.filmo.gs/add/release

Enter the information about your release.

In a separate browser page, go to https://www.filmo.gs/film/41303-50-First-Dates and copy the "Internal ID" on the right hand side "574f64e68f5f7a62d3d8c795". Put this in the "Films" section at the bottom of the Add Release form.

Submit. Add images if you can / want to.

if the release you have is listed but it doesn't say collection next to it - how do you add it to yours?

Go to the Release, not the Film.

This is a Release https://www.filmo.gs/release/121-Star-Wars

This is a Film https://www.filmo.gs/film/14-Star-Wars

Hope that helps!

My last entry on this topic.

Why do manufacturers list a product as - film name: Widescreen Special Edition- or - film name: 10th Anniversary Special Edition- in their retailer press releases, etc.?

Because it is the tile of the product or release.

Now if someone want to catalog by official feature content title only, then anything like Uncut Edition, Director's Cut, etc. - used in the title of the product - would be omitted. And thus the data is incomplete.

The FILM page should list only the official feature film title - because at the bottom of the page a use could quickly scan all the RELEASES that contain this content. The release may or may not have an identical title.

But, hey, it's your show.

Thanks again guys. Didn't mean to stir up a whole lot of trouble. Because you linked this to Discogs I just assumed it worked the same way. Being a collector for over 20+ years, I also agree with EK that the Edition of the film makes a difference to most true collectors. That is why they rerelease with extended edition, different cover, etc. As does when the release comes back out (cover is different, Unrated edition, anniversary ed, 2 disc edition, etc.) This is comparable to how Discogs does with the many many releases of the same work on any given cd. I will start with just adding the ones I have that are already on here and then the ones I don't see listed at all. Then I will deal with the editions/releases, I guess. Hope it gets more popular but it isn't nearly as user friendly as Discogs. I found Filmogs through a google search to find places to catalog my movies and about 10 pages into the search it came up. Need to get it some more exposure somehow.

Hi Metallife13. No problem, you arean't stirring up trouble, there are always data entry things to discuss! Everyone is doing their best and what they feel is right, these things are fairly minor issues.

The title issue has been discussed before by the community, check out https://www.filmo.gs/forum/302-Editions (there may be other forum threads on this as well). It's not the end of the world, but the notes are more suitable for this information usually, it isn't part of the title (example https://www.filmo.gs/release/47345-I-Robot-Widescreen ). We should continue this is a separate thread if it needs discussed more.

when the release comes back out (cover is different, Unrated edition, anniversary ed, 2 disc edition, etc.) This is comparable to how Discogs does with the many many releases of the same work on any given cd.

Those things are not added to the title on Discogs, they are added to the Free Text Field for the format.

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