Dear all,

I wrote some scripts which allow to import the ogs-databases into a postgresql database.
Comiogs, bookogs and filmogs are already finished, the rest will follow. It works with the standard json files from . Maybe this could be a start to relaunch this project or to import the database in other projects.

If someone is interested, you can find the scripts as an GitLab-project under:

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Does this include the image assets?

I have been trying to achieve some web-dumps, but the way the website is structured makes it a bit of a headache and all of the images have been omitted so far.

This script doesn't include images. It only works with the official json dumps and preserves all the connections between credits,films,releases and companies. But I wrote a java-application to get the images from the website and tested it on comicogs.

It was announced by staff on comicogs, that the images will be available at . So lets see what is happening to the comicogs data after 31st of July, if and how data and images will be published.

It takes like an hour to go through the 8000 series of comicogs. So thinking about 170000 credits, 50000 films and 70000 releases here, with normally bigger images it will take a long time. To download a file from would be a much better solution. But at least there is a plan B.

"Maybe this could be a start to relaunch this project or to import the database in other projects."

Thank you for your efforts!

posterogs-script is ready for usage

and finally gearogs is implemented

Hello Madir, thank you for your work. It is really appreciated. I plan on visiting your site linked above to see how you implement this.

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