I have 3 CIC tapes from the 1990s in my collection - two with 3xxxx catalogue numbers and trailer rolls before the film, and one with an RFM 1xxx catalogue number containing only the movie. Was the RFM version a rental version, or a promotional copy for film critics or something?

Hi Mate

Without knowing any actual fact here, my guess would be the 3x cat numbers would have been excess rental copies. It was a common thing to have trailers preview a movie (and even some after) in Oz. It was less common on home video releases, but started to creep in in the 90's. (I'm only going off what I lived through).

Another thing to look at, is if CIC changed/mergered etc with other companies. have a look at the release dates of the films and see if 1 catalogue type comes chronologically before another.

Unfortunately I lost 98% of my VHS in an devestating cleaning accident (i had replaced most vhs on DVD by that time, and they all hit the bin), so I can't help with other cat numbers from CIC

Best of luck

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