I've used Discogs to inventory all my music and export it for insurance purposes, and my wife suggested I do the same for our extensive film collection.

I made a start yesterday by adding new items to the database and putting them in my collection, but today I thought I would verify that I can export my list once I generate it.


1) I was disappointed to find there is no way to export my collection. As that is the case, I have lost all motivation to add any further items to the Filmogs database. I'll put them in a spreadsheet instead.

2) It was frustrating to discover there is no way to search the Filmogs Wiki or Forum entries. I had to go screen by screen through them and do a text search for the word "export" before I finally found a post from 2 years ago that said the Filmogs team were working on it.


Two years is a very long time to have such a basic, yet vital, bit of functionality sitting in the parking lot. I'm a digitial project manager and I learned long ago that the way to successful takeup is to do regular, rapid sprints of new functionality that will bring more users onto the platform. Not having this basic feature drives people away instead.

Yes, this functionality would come handy, as a spreadsheet is very convenient for quick access and using filters.

There is a "share"-function, but it only has twitter & facebook (who uses facebook these days, I thought this was only used by the retired & retarded these days...)

Sharing to a .csv, .ods, or even a google docs spreadsheet would be nice.

...but I would continue entering titles. I guess what keeps staff the most from investing further into filmogs is the limited use of this section of discogs currently. (no merketplace, for instance)

The more titles in the database, the more people will be atracted. Not submitting because the limited functionality and as such staff not investing a lot in this project is a vicious circle.

Filmogs really fills a gap in what's available on the net: something that focusses on releases. Home video formats only became really interesting starting from Blu-Ray (I only started investing in a film collection since I purchased a bluray player recently, previous formats are unable to compete with the full cinematic experience), so it's best to get it working as quick as possible. Blu-rays have a far greater value as collectible than any video format before. It's important to be an early bird in such things. But I guess it will ask some patience for the early users, like us, to get all functionality we wish for.

Not being able to export is a real dealbreaker for me too. I'd love to use filmogs but this makes me want to look elsewhere.

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