Hello everyone, I just joined Filmogs as I've had some good success with my Discogs store and wanted a place to sell my movies. I tried looking for the sell films option, but it doesn't look like I can list anything for sale nor can I buy movies. Has this been paused or halted for the time being? If so, when will this re-open so I can sell movies. I am done with selling movies on eBay and Amazon (crazy fees) and was looking at this as a better option. Please advise if anyone knows anything.

They closed it last year due to inactivity, and I doubt it will come back quickly. There's a lot of factors that go into that, such as the amount of people that use the website being smaller and the amount of release pages on here is not quite big enough yet. Currently there is only a little bit more than 66,000 total releases on the website, which is not a lot if you think about it. Many movies and editions are not on here yet, but over time as the popularity and database grows, then they will most likely bring the marketplace back.

To be fair, even if they did have it still up it would probably take quite a while to sell anything. More based on what I said about not so many people knowing about it. Really if a normal person were to think about buying a movie, they would either do it in person at the store or they would go to Amazon or eBay to get it. You could say the same thing about the Discogs marketplace as well, as it is more geared to a more avid music fan. I have the same mindset of when I started of going to the store, eBay or Amazon to buy something, because you can get it for the cheapest price possible.

So in short, marketplace is gone but it may return when the site gets bigger in both users and releases.

Thanks for the response. I really wish I could avoid selling movies on eBay and Amazon. I hope this grows faster and hopefully discogs will do some more marketing to let people know that this exists.

I hope I can buy some stuff here.
Not a lot for sale, except from some child DVD's that lay unused.

Yeah Discogs bring the marketplace back. Many are hurting financially and could use the extra cash

The marketplace might encourage more database submissions from people?

I agree re-open the darn marketplace.

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