I feel like the following film(s) and release are a good test case/discussion piece.

We have this:

It is a modern straight to video production that includes all the usual Disney characters like Mickey, Donald, etc. These popular characters, voiced by modern actors, introduce Mickey's older short films like Steamboat Willie, The Band Concert, etc.

Those short films have their own actors like Walt Disney.

So, in submitting the release, I've now linked it to the "Film" listed above and also the short "Films" that appear within it.

What are your thoughts on this method?

Hmm yeh this is a very interesting case because it contains individual pieces together with new segments. So the new segments component means, no matter what, it needs it's own 'Film', but the individual pieces may be available on other releases. So it seems to be correctly entered, especially when we get other versions of cartoons such as 'Steamboat Willie' into the database. Would be interested in others opinions here though!

I've no problem with this because it is a collection of standalone releases. The fact that they are shorts is irrelevant for me - it's no different that 'The Hitchcock Collection' or 'The Bourne Trilogy'

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