This filmogs is so great. Now I can slowly say goodbye to DVD profiler.

It would be awsome if we add titles to own collection, we can also add place where we bought (like amazon, ebay etc.) the title
and what was the price when we bought it.
Or at least I'd like to request to add own notes about the title
where we can add own marks eg. "Like this disc is lost, but cover is in shelf."

Being able to creat lists like Discogs or imdb would be perfect for me. I'm trying to keep track of what I used to own.

I still think that there should be place for personal info about the release.
Where we can save info to, where we bought the item and what was the price and date.

Now I think, I'll leave Filmogs for now and instead will use videspace.fi
In videospace there are things allready, that I requested here. The info I wanted to save in my collection.

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