About 2 months ago, user UG1002 started adding a lot of 1980's children video releases, but did it in a strange way. They put both Betamax and VHS in the format descriptors, on top of most of them they clicked "sensitive" submission content on all of them. What I'm requesting to do here is to go through them all and uncheck Betamax from them. I say this because from what I can tell they're all VHS releases, but they were saving time on either making another submision for the Beta version or was trying to state that the release also existed on that format.

If I don't hear back in 2 days, I'm going to go ahead and fix them all. There's about 41 of them like this.

Here's an example link to what I'm talking about.

What i have never added kids films.

you are talking about user dyla5

please make sure you are talking about correct user before posting.

most of the vhs i have marked sensetive are pornos. and i haven't even gown through the majority of betas yet.

My mistake. Edit still will go into effect tomorrow.

And if I should say anything else on this topic, it appears that the user was sourcing all this information from Video Collecting websites they have linked in the submissions. The images are the same, so it puts into question if the user actually had the release in front of them when they made the page for it.

Just and FYI, there have been dual release sets. I have no idea how many were made, by whom or for what titles. I just know that they were a thing.

And I don't doubt that there was, but with the images the user provided (which were almost all web sourced), they were only for the VHS version of it.

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