I'm just seeing a lot of broken images instead of the images I formerly submitted for many of the films I've submitted. Hoping a site bug that will be shortly fixed, but if not, and I'm doing something wrong, would like to know what to do different. Thanks.

Hi Mikewn

I was able to sucessfully add images just now. Are you still experiencing the issue? is so, do you have a link to the page you are tryiong to post to. happy to have a look and see if images are displaying properly for me.


Actually it was that way for a while, with many images missing, but I think they are all working now. I think there must have been some problematic issue with image caching or the like during that time that wasn't a site bug where certain images were turned off at the time.

This problem looks to be happening again right now. Anyone else having problems submitting images now? Perhaps an image caching problem?

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