What is the difference between these two? And what are they, anyway? Does it mean which information in the matrix comes first in terms of the row, like outermost and innermost? I've always seen these but I never knew what they meant, and looking at the guidelines or the wiki I can't figure it out either. So what do these fields mean? Or at least, what does the community inerpret them as?

Anybody? What do they mean?

A blu-ray layer can have 25GB of data, so a 2 layer will have 50GB and a 4 layer 100GB. To get the best quality you need to have more GB's. Let's say a film in HD will need 30GB, layer 1 has 25GB and layer 2 5GB with the bonus material.

A DVD layer is 4,7 GB (DVD-5) and a dual layer 8,5 GB (DVD-9)

So would I enter the innermost and outermost data together or separate on a normal DVD?

In the dropdown you can choose matrix layer 0 and matrix layer 1. So they need to be separate entries (also for the mastering SID and mould SID)

OK, cool. But which one is which? Would outermost be layer 0 or would that be innermost?

L0 = outer ring
L1 = inner ring

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