is it ok to reuse Duplicates made by another User/ Contributor in the Release, Film, Companies and Credits section?

As for now we don't seem to have Staff/Moderators to deleate or merge the Duplicates, so
is it ok to reuse them if you find one. (There is a lot of them).

I know, don't put Porn on another Users Duplicate, but other than that can we reuse the
Duplicate for new Releases, Films, Companies and Credits?

Yeah they have said it's ok, just don't make it pornographic as that may not be someone the user wishes to be connected to.

Ok, Thanx

The porn thing i already know, (guess you didn't read the whole message;.)

But do we add it in some Forum post that we reused it or is it enough in the

Most just seem to add it to the reason in the notes when changing the page, don't really need to announce it.

Ok, Thanx

i start using Dupes when i'll find it fit to do so and just add it in the
sumission notes.

Thanx and keep up the good work!!!

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