Appologies if there is already a topic about this on the Forum, but I found no way to actually "search" this forum. I also found no information in the Help Guidelines.

Is there really no way to add people credits to Release entries (not Film entries)? I think this would be really helpful since DVDs and Blu-rays normally have credits for who designed their covert art and menus (especially companies like The Criterion Collection, which go through the trouble of having new and original covers made for their releases).

Is this in the works? Or is this currently possible but I haven't found the way to do it?

There is not a credit system for that right now, and to be completely honest I am not sure how you would credit something like that. I don't think it should be on the film page because that'll conflict with the original release information, so I think the best case is to just list it in the notes section. That way it will at least come up when you search for their name.

The film is where one primarily puts in information that has to do with the film. I could see a comment in the case of a release where a specific actor, etc. helped with the release itself, or provided some material that was used for the release, but even with extra short "videos" that are bundled with the release, a better solution if one wants to do it is to make a separate film for that additional "film" that is bundled with the primary film where one would put these credits. Otherwise just add a few notes to indicate credit reference material where a separat film entry for the content isn't warranted. Perhaps add a link to a separate site if you feel some of that credit info is needing more than can be put in the notes section.

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