While looking at the laserdisc releases we have on the site, I saw there were a few tagged as "other" for the packaging. All of these are from the same user, and for the description of "Other", it says "OBI strip". Which is interesting, because I'm not sure myself if I would consider it to be a form of packaging. Personally, I would categorize it along with Hype Stickers, but I thought I would pose this question openly. What do you think?

For examples of what I'm talking about please see, release 1, release 2, release 3, release 4, release 5.

I would consider them as part of the packaging and will likely be adding them to the packaging wiki. Unlike hype stickers, Obi are included with every unit in the same placement. I tend to think of most of them as U-cards for audio cassettes or Slip Sleeves/O-cards depending on style/function of the OBI Strip.

Here's a neat article I just found about them; https://blog.kupiku.com/en/what-is-an-obi-a-detailed-history-of-the-obi-strip-spinecard

I mean I'm not denying by any means that they're apart of the packaging, but should they be listed separately under the "under" tag?

There are a lot of packaging terms that are not available yet. I believe they should be tagged as other and described until another option for them exists.

I have three Japanese release of Max Headroom laserdiscs as shown here, that I want to enter later when I have more time and access to a larger scanner to add them.


I wouldn't discourage you from adding them now, and adding the scanned images later. But I have one vote for OBI Strips being categorized as "Other" for right now. But I can see a drop down being created for them the same way that there is one for Slipcase right now.

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