could it be possible to turn this into an app so i can scan my colection

But you would need a database for such app, that's the point of this site right now.

ok I just wondered if there was the scan a barcode facility like on discogs. Apologies if I'm being dense the kids just asked if it was something they could so while they are self isolating.

thank you

Well since the staff here tend to be mostly away any kind of feature like that is miles away, best to do it manually.

No worries, thank you. Sending healthy and happy vibes.

Such barcoding scanning apps exist already.

I use an excellent one by Bruji which is tailored very specifically for films & books & games & music, by which I mean they are separated for specificity of medium. Bruji is only for mac/ios but there are others for android etc, can't attest to how good they are though. I love how Bruji is logical in its fields but also allows you to create your own too in numerous forms.

I cut and paste stuff from my database to filmogs (and vice versa) all the time.

And no - I don't work for them. Just love the product because it works so well for my needs.

The app idea is great, but I think the database needs to be a little bit more beefy for that to work. Although we have a solid 60K titles, there is still a lot missing. But having another setup like the standard Discogs app would be really cool, but unfortunately I don't see that happening soon. It would take a while to develop, and even longer to troubleshoot.

sixandnine and WolfXCIX many thanks for the comments i'll pass the info onto the kids. Appreciate you taking the time to reply. Cheers

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