I unmarked this sensetive and also changed the title too capitals but the user changed it back too how it was before.

i find it strange too mark a martial arts film sensetive, i also explained too him in rules each word must start with a capital.

the user also removed some companies though adding some matrix runouts.

i don't want too keep changing it back to capitals and unmarking and get it turned into a revert war.

so do i just keep explaning too the user its not sensetive and all words must start with a capital or leave it alone?

I'd correct it again, and if they revert it then take it on further, that shouldn't be sensitive, they did technically update it just undid what you did in the process.

How about htis picture of a chick with cum in her mouth you uploaded?:
Surely there's a more suitable image...

what cum all over her face?

If there is nudity on the cover/poster mark it sensitive.

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