Most releses have the 'movie poster'-text on the back cover.

On Bad Times At The El Royale this text starts with:

Twentieth Century Fox present a Goddard Textiles production a film by...

There is no Goddard Textiles logo printed on the cover. The 20th Century Fox logo is printed on the cover.

One user has added Twentieth Century Fox and Goddard Textiles to companies on this release.

I think this is wrong. This is info for the film page.

The wording in the guidelines could probably be a bit more clear:
Companies - Enter the names and roles of the companies involved in creating and releasing this film.

Maybe better would be something like: ... and releasing this release/object/DVD/Blu-ray/etc.

What is correct? Any thoughts?

My opinion leans towards yours as I usually skip that section of information on the release because the same information should be on the film page. Then again, I don't see it hindering anything being there, but they should be labeled properly as Presenter and Production respectively.

A lot of the wording in the guidelines need work. The site also needs a glossary to define the terms used. Is the film the conceptual art or the medium on which it has been recorded? The word is defined as both in a dictionary, which one does the site refer to? Is a film a release? Production companies release films, right? It seems obvious to me, but others seem to get confused.

This one is interesting:

One user added the production company Bill/Phillips from the "movie-poster"-text.

falsepriest removed this production company and wrote this:
removed Bill/Phillips as production company as this info is better suited to the Film page

@falsepriest: Any chance for a comment or rule here?

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