I have been of the view the company title should be as the company name is written, but I have gotten into a childish reverting situation regarding the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer credit page with another individual adding the unnecessary (MGM) at the end.

I personally lean towards your view, @TheWho87. I see the logic in adding the acronym, but, jeez, what a dumb hill to die on.

I might be inclined to agree with it if it improved the search options, but it only does that in general searches, in the credit search you have to include the brackets for it to show up.

If only there were an Alternate Name Version field on the companies...

The only potential problems I can see with having one is then needing a way to designate a parent or holding company and a way to mark subsidaries. Name changes, mergers and the like could possibly be handled through the events field.

Also, the auto suggest seems to have a lot of issues. Not sure if it's that the search string is too long for it to handle or something else. Plus it seems limited to 10 results for some reason, my guess is loading time, but as this is a database I would think it could/should afford more than 10 results. At least give the user an option to load more results, even batches of 10 would be tolerable. Not sure why web developers have forgotten that web pages can scroll almost infinately.

At the moment there are;
Approximately 50 companies found when searching for MGM
Approximately 30 companies found when searching for metro
Approximately 40 companies found when searching for metro goldwyn
Not sure how that last bit works, add more to the string get more results....?

I think the best way would be linking pages with alternate names to the main page, for example if we take Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer as the main page, alternate pages such as Metro Goldwyn Mayer and MGM could be linked as alternate names and anything added to them will link to the main page.

This is an alias system that could work for both companies and credits so could

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