So my knowledge on anime is limited to Pokémon so just wanted to get a wider view on this.

The idea on this site is to have one page for a TV series in general and then to have separate pages for the episodes, which is technically what the Pokémon page is since it mostly focused on the original series/season. Now from my memory and looking up, each series/season after the original tends to be titled differently.

The point I'm getting at is are these post original seasons justifiable to having their own page, or should they all come under one for the whole Pokémon anime in general.

Asking since there are three Pokémon based releases on the anime that are not currently linked to any films.

from my knoledge of pokemon there is the original series late 90's early 2000's.

x and y which is a more modern pokemon

black & white another modern pokemon

advanced pokemon.

there has too be more.

the x&y one was linked too pokemon but too the wrong series soo if it was me i would create a new tv series for each pokemon.

Looking into it it's the option of a film for each season (22) or a film for each series of seasons (6).

I was thinking doing the second one, it basically groups the seasons by generation.

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