I recently started a topic suggesting an idea, another user was reluctant because of the ammount of duplicate credits.

Hence I am starting this thread to see what if any of you have suggestion to reduce it.

My opinion is that actors' profile need to be completed. I recently spotted a Kristen Dunst duplicate and I think it is quite jaw dropping that a current major actress would end up with a duplicate credit.

For example I completed Brandon Lee today. It was easy because the subject lived a short life. However in the future it is impossible for this specific actor to have a duplicate based on his screen roles, unless a documentary with archival footage of him is added.

3 years ago myself and several other users started doing that and have completed all the film work by Al Pacino, Robert Deniro, Woody Allen, Mark Walhberg, and a few more up until that point. I suggest it to be ressurected but needs to be tended by someone else since I have a lot less time compared to back then.


Let me know your toughts maybe you guys have better opinion in mind.

Just make sure they have a good picture and a link too wikipedia or a iMDb page.

Yes it helps identify the accurate subject but doesn't really solve Kristen Dunst has all her links.

The best solution;
Alias fields for credits and companies.
Until the devs impliment such a thing we are doomed to this repetative cycle of dupe creation and page edits.

Also, the auto suggestion for credit/company fields seem too strict about spaces, tabs and punctuation.

Then there's people with slow machines or weak internet and the auto suggest may never happen, so a dupe gets made.

I agree Nivekian I added some music videos to RnB singer Aaliyah and Rapper DMX. It took ages for their names to pop up.

If filmogs doesn't fix that they will have to put it upon themselves to complete a few profile themselves.

If Filmogs would take it upon themselves to add all the major American releases of at least the last 20 years, with the names attached to the lead and director. Especially the AFI's website being so detailed, and let us take care of the smaller films. It would be less time consuming for the user. I also noticed a pattern that when a commercial Hollywood film is added, releases for them pop up quickly. Just wanted to get that out there.

I do know that Filmogs is conserned with that, also there is talk about Filmogs infancy... Again the site is reaching year ten. So not having all the Harrison Ford films (picking a name out of a bag) will be terrible PR for them.

I also if they took this mission they would know a little more about this pattern and would be more involved in fixing it.

There is a counter point of to my argument that if agree that more releases equal more films and not otherwise.

It is true that if you add a release of a film that hasn't been added, and the user chooses to add the film after there is one. But a user can end up adding releases of film that are already there and never expand the rest.

Before I continue I'd like to preface this by saying: If one wants to go about on filmogs and just add releases and never a film. I am totally ok with it.

No I am curious if the reverse is correct: more film equal more releases?

I am checking my stats based on that when I showed up here 3 years after it's birth. No Jean-Claude Van Damme page existed. I added all the films including French and Foreign films he is in. About 54 films. I am glad to say that most of his American productions where he is the lead have a release attached. So I estimate that a bare minimum 30 releases were added, since it was completed. Maybe these releases have nothing to do with a user adding the release, but I am sure some saw them floating around and said: Oh yes I owe this.

In regard to Brandon Lee due to his unfortunate short be celebrated career. I added all of his leading roles aside from the crow, and even without The Crow we have more releases of this actor compared to the number of films he made.

With other good folks we have completed several profile I will inspect the mainstream one we did.

I have just inspected the page of Al Pacino, Woody Allen, and Robert De Niro. There is more release then there is films. Some of their smaller don't have releases attached to them.

Another user did plenty of Kevin Smith movies and I closed in all the James Bond movie. That did end up cultivating a large amount of releases.

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