Has the community decided upon what, where, how to qualify and enter such things?


As long as the rules are followed, the data is valid to be entered. Subsequent edits must improve the data, following the guidelines.
Valid Information

Filmogs only catalogs objects that have been made available to the general public, either as commercially sold objects, or as free give-aways. This means that custom-built or adapated items are not suitable for submission on Filmogs.


Bootleg, counterfeit, or pirated items are not eligible for submission.

The above is taken from The Rules & Guideline section.

see also this thread:


So, bootleg/counterfeit/pirated CD's, Records and Audio Cassettes are okay but VHS, DVD and Bluray are not allowed.
Strange double standard but okay, I guess.

Does that mean those hand drawn Thai and Hindi movie posters from the 60-80's are not allowed posterogs?
Or are the rules there different too?

Also, why? Why make offshoots of a popular database and not follow suit in form and function?
It's confusing for the user.

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