I recently made a submission for the complete box set of Da Ali G Show, and I wanted to add pictures to it. I have everything scanned and ready to go as JPEG images, but something happens when I try to upload images. I thought it was because I was adding 20 images at once, so I started to do it just with one image (the cover image) and that doesn't work either.

I get the error of "
RequestTimeoutYour socket connection to the server was not read from or written to within the timeout period. Idle connections will be closed.4639A84E17BCBAB2G1flJgzyn9vSxkNJPKlljkaQzcrISZCxI7+pOBkh1XuZo352yPNzZciHWxKnOQTUQkF6h9rTW04=" whenever I upload an image. It never happened before, and I haven't changed the way I've scanned images in a long time. I don't know what's causing this problem. Has anybody else encountered this?

Hi WolfXCIX, sorry to hear you've had issues with the image upload. Thanks for providing the details here. Are you still experiencing this problem?
There are a few issues that could be causing this:
the image file size is too large (the maximum size for upload is 10mb), it could be an internet connection speed issue, or it may be AWS timing out.
I'm not able to recreate the problem here - also curious if anyone else has experienced this?

Thanks for replying, falsepriest. I am still experiencing this problem.

I looked into this a little bit, and unfortunately had no progress. My internet connection isn't the problem in this case, as I've been uploading several images to both Filmogs and Discogs recently without any issues or changinging in my scanning techinques.

Even my largest images never extend to 2mb, most of them register around or at 1mb. What I think it is perhaps is what you mentioned with it timing out, because I could let it sit for like 5 minutes and it will still error out. I'm not really sure what the issue is, but to help everybody out, here are some screenshots of my problem.

In these ones, I'm only uploading the front cover (600kb). That little blue loading bar never extends to halfway on the image, only to about 1/4th of the way. However when I upload in bulk, all the other images complete except one or two, and it's seemingly random at whether it's a large or small image it's struggling to upload.

Well, I just tried it now and it worked. At first it said "Could Not Fetch" as en error, but I cleared the cache on the page and it worked after that. Strange bug, and I'm going to assume it was fixed.

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