After re-reading Community Guide to Adding Film Entries I realize that the following of my film entries do not meet the current standards and can be deleted:

I'm not certain but I think the following are acceptable (the are all 10-35 minutes in length and are generally filmmakers talking about the Godfather films and showing scenes of the films):

they are fine for here there is heaps of behind the scenes docos on here like "the making of", behind the scenes and history docos.

if they all habe credits i would say they are fine for filmogs.

I'd add: If they have credits ... and have been released on physical media.

oks. thanks. I've added the release. Some of them didn't have credits (I just took them from imdb). I'll go through them again plus all the ones on disc 4 as well.

imdb credits would be enough for me we list music videos here and they seldom have on screen credits

ergghh... I'm really mucking up these links. Here is my release

ok. I think they might technically have credits anyways... they would be the 'DVD Credits' at the end of the disc.

On a quick inspection I think this is very good submission. Far better and more detailed than many I see.

I think your 'comment' would probably be better in the 'notes' of the sub, since this misprinting of labels makes the release unique. Is integral to the release, not an appendum.

I see you didn't add all the films (listed in the thread above) to the release. Is this because there are insufficient credits?

I'll move the comment to the notes.

I decided not to add them as they do not have credits on the films themselves and the ones that are on imdb are just the 'cast' and I assume just taken from within the films themselves when it will appear on the screen such as: T.J. Miller Actor Cloverfield. There is at least another half dozen of such films on the other Supplements DVD and I decided that credits on the film will be my dividing line. I might take them from another source if it included the director, editor, etc.

Fair enough - I have similar lines in the sand when it comes to adding films.

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