Hi, I'm new here and recently added my first release.

I'm getting ready to add the Canadian 5-DVD release of 'The Godfather: The Coppola Restoration' Boxset.

A couple of issues have cropt up (so far): One, my copies of discs 4 and 5 (the supplement discs) are mislabled. That is disc 4 has all the contents of what the packaging says should be on disc 5 and disc 5 has all the contents of disc 4. Should I make note of all this in the notes and chapters sections? Or should I assume mine is a solitary pressing mistake?

Also, when dumping disc 4 (actually disc 5) with MakeMKV I found a fifth 'Four Short Films on The Godfather'. It is totally inaccessible through the menu. I only have a computer dvd drive, but if I remember correctly you would be able to access this with the remote control by going to that track? Its been a decade (at least) since I've had a hardware dvd player.

That 5th short must be an easter egg. Make a note of it in 'notes'.

I've already declared that the misprint of disc labels should be in notes too. It is highly unlikley yours will be a solitary mistake, most likely part of of a run of such mistakes.

Anyway, this is besides the point, a misprinted label is part of that particular release. If someone comes along with a non-misprinted label then they should add a new submission.

That misprint might be especially sought after by someone (or not).

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