I had changed my shop/user name on discogs and as result changed on all other 'ogs' sites. Unfortunately I had listings on other sites under old name, yet now have no access to delete them - any ideas (outside of changing back to my original name)?

Hi Dream_Emporium,
Sorry about that, unfortunately that's a bug in our marketplace system. I can remove those listings for you if you like?

Thank you - my previous user name was Mdallavalle; this deletion would be for listings I have for sale under that user name on Filmogs, Comicogs and Bookogs only. No issues with Discogs. Not sure what would happen if someone places order on any items I have under that previous user name.

Thanks for your help,

Just noticed the note about the marketplace closing down and being eliminated as of December 16th, will this automatically delete all my listings for sale? If so, I guess the need to delete before than is irrevelant.

Let me know, also looking on Comicogs - did not see seem notification as on Filmogs and Bookogs?

Thanks again,

Hi Mike,
Thanks for confirming. The marketplaces on all 3 sites are indeed being removed on December 16th and no new orders can be placed after next week so if you're happy to wait your listings will be removed then. If you'd prefer it to be effective immediately it's also no trouble to remove them sooner.

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